Who are we? 

Tricia Taylor, founder of TailoredPractice, has been teaching and leading in schools in the UK and New York City for the past 20 years. With TailoredPractice, she partners with the leadership at both secondary and primary schools to use current mind, brain and education strategies to create a climate and culture around perseverance and challenge. Tricia has since worked with more than 20 British and international schools and is the author of Connect the Dots: The Collective Power of Relationships, Memory and Mindset in the Classroom. Tricia is also an Ambassador for Leadership Matters, a movement designed to give all schools access to the high quality leadership development that ultimately improves pupil educational outcomes.


As Lead Practitioner at Dunraven School, an “Outstanding” all-through 4-18 school in London, Tricia successfully designed and implemented a comprehensive initiative to embed growth mindset and cognitive science research at the school before then applying these strategies to other schools and organisations across Britain and abroad. Tricia has also conducted several years of literacy-based action research and now coaches teacher action research groups. She is an Associate Lecturer for English at Goldsmith’s University in London for the School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT). Furthermore, Tricia works internationally as a Lead Consultant and Advisor for PowerTools, a educational and corporate consultancy firm based in New York City.


Previously, Tricia was director of a large creative arts faculty in a London secondary school and before that a leader at a high school in Brooklyn, New York, where she was given the Leadership Award for Community Action.


Tricia holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Journalism and a Master of Education. Tricia is also a fellow for the Royal Society of the Arts, where she co-ordinates the RSA Mindfulness Network and teaches an 8-week mindfulness course called Living and Working in a Dynamic World.

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Tricia speaks to a packed audience at the Learning and Brain Conference, "Learning How to Learn" in November 2019. Go here for more info. 



This book connects the dots between three high-impact areas for student learning. Together, they are worth more than the sum of their parts.


  1. Building Strong Relationships

  2. Maximising Memory

  3. Cultivating Learning Mindsets


Each chapter is divided into three sections: research, classroom, and leadership for a unique and comprehensive approach that benefits the whole school community.


Designed to be substantive, yet reader friendly, practical and full of “ready-to-use” strategies that we’ve used or seen in real classrooms. 


Illustrated by Oliver Caviglioli, the graphics and layout make the book incredibly accessible and a joy to read. 

Nina is the Executive Director of PowerTools, LLC, an educational consulting service in New York City that partners with youth, schools, youth-serving organisations and families to create systems, environments and experiences that optimise the power and potential of young people. Nina also consults remotely for TailoredPractice. Her expertise includes: Pastoral guidance, change management, classroom management, coaching, consultation, curriculum development, effective teaming, facilitation, inclusion and diversity, leadership development and youth development. Nina is also a consultant for Engaging Schools, facilitating trainings and consultation in the areas of classroom management and personalization. Nina spent 13 years as a teacher in primary and and high schools in the United States. She was a recipient of the Walter N. Rothschild, Jr “Teacher of the Year Award” in 1999.

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"The morning (with TailoredPractice) was the best CPD as head I have attended in sometime. It reminded me why I wanted to teach in the first place, which was to help children become lifelong learners."  



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