TailoredPractice partners with schools to embed current research-based strategies about mindsets,
the brain and character into the fabric of your school. We help you create a climate that unlocks the potential and perseverance of students, staff and leaders.
Committed schools know that they must be strategic and go beyond the one-off assembly or motivational speech. For long lasting and impactful results, TailoredPractice tailors its approach to meet the specific needs of the whole school community in a way that is straight-forward and ready for immediate implementation. 

What is our focus?  


Research in neuroscience

and psychology has uncovered new approaches to teaching that have a real impact on students’ learning, attention and attainment. TailoredPractice sifts through the research to both train teachers for practical classroom application and to educate students about the brain’s malleability and how it learns—a key component to the success of young people. 

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People who have a particular mindset, called growth mindset, are shown to be more successful in school, happier in their learning and better equipped to persevere when faced with challenges, according to three decades of extensive research. TailoredPractice specialises in teaching students and adults how to embrace struggle, mistakes and hard work as part of the learning process.  

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Character strengths are key to determining the academic success and happiness of individuals in school and beyond. This is particularly true for schools that have a comprehensive strategy for character development. TailoredPractice guides you in deciding which character strengths best fit your school’s ethos and also shows you how to embed these strengths into content areas and everyday practice.

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Workshops at Secondary 

During form time, students participate in weekly sessions led by their tutors. They explore how the brain learns, how mistakes are part of learning and how to use different strategies to support taking risks and sticking with challenges. 

Get a glipse into the Mindset Programme at Dunraven School and the impact it is having on students and the way teachers teach and talk about learing.

Mindsets at Primary

TailoredPractice: Latest news, reviews and thoughts 



A lot has been written about growth mindset and the excellent research of Carol Dweck at Stanford University. One misconception is that it is quick fix, but like any psychological intervention there are nuisances that must be understood to make a real and meaningful impact. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid.


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