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September 3, 2018

When I first started teaching 20 years, I would clumsily call the register, apologising for mispronunciations and promising I’d get it right. As a new teacher, I underestimated the importance of memorising names immediately and miscalculated how much names contribute t...

November 21, 2017

This is Part 3 of a series called, Learn, Teach, Model:

Learn about memory . . .  because it makes you a better teacher

Teach students about memory . . . so that they have control (and you have buy-in)

Model the strategies . . . so they see it in action and know we value...

November 2, 2017

This is Part 2 of a series called, Learn, Teach, Model. Part 1 introduces the series, the main challenges teachers face and an approach that will help. See How to get students to use the Learning Strategies that we're so excited about. I suggest we should:

  1. Learn abo...

November 1, 2017

Last Summer, I visited a friend whose son was about to take his exams. We found ourselves in one of those familiar conversations you get into as a teacher-friend. “So, tell Tricia what you are doing to revise for your exams.”

He replied, “We had an assembly about how to...

September 13, 2017

Although I’ve been teaching and leading in schools for more than 20 years, I find this time in education to be the most exciting in terms of what works best. Recent developments in mind, brain and education science are leading the way in helping educators know what to...

July 5, 2017

When it comes to understanding the connection between emotion and memory, poet and author Maya Angelou’s words sum it up well: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


April 1, 2017

As educators, we know that understanding the brain must be important. It makes sense. This powerhouse is the control centre for all aspects of our lives—physical, emotional and mental. Furthermore, students spend most of their waking hours at school with us, strengthen...

September 3, 2015

As educators, especially those who have been teaching for some years now, we can get hardened by the policy changes and silver bullets that only last until the next one flies by. It takes persistent and thoughtful leadership to withstand the whirlwinds of educational s...

September 3, 2015

Two teachers of Modern Foreign Language explain the impact that the concepts and strategies of growth mindset have had on their teaching and student learning, especially in helping students feel more confident taking risks and improving their spontaneous talk....

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September 3, 2015

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