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Below are services TailoredPractice provides as part of embedding mindsets and brain-based practice throughout the whole school. A customised and comprehensive approach.
Leadership Coaching 


Guidance on how to train staff and infuse growth mindset, character strengths and brain-based learning into the long-term school culture and climate. This includes an assessment of school programmes and policies, such as observations and report writing, as well as creating assemblies and signage for the school that promote its ethos. 



Teacher Training


Professional development sessions and coaching for staff to better understand, apply and practise the concepts and research about mindsets, the brain and character in order to maximise student success and wellbeing. Action research programme to guide teacher-led research over the long term.

Click here to learn about different Teacher Training Courses. 



Student Workshops


On-going or one-off facilitation of evidence-based workshops that are bespoke for your school. For example, TailoredPractice will customise activities for form tutors, whole or half-day drop days for a year group or curriculum that will be embedded in subject teaching, such as:

  • Mindsets for Success: Perseverance, Challenge and the Value of Mistakes

  • How the Brain Learns and Getting Out Your Comfort Zone

  • Making it Stick:  How to Revise, Memorise and Learn for the Long Term

  • Mindsets for Moving Up: Strategies for Making the Transition to Secondary School (for Years 5 and 6)



Parent Workshops  


Workshops for parents to introduce the research about mindsets, the brain and character and give them specific, proven strategies to help their children apply more effective effort to their learning—to challenge themselves when something is too easy and to persevere when learning is tough. 

"I went to see Carol Dweck . . . . This was also an excellent day and gave me a fascinating insight into how growth mindsets works in all walks of life. However it didn’t give me the practical steps needed to apply these skills in school. Your course did just that! I came away buzzing and have already written by timeline for implementation in my school.

Heather Wood

Head of Phase: Cooperation

Almondbury Community School

"The session was delivered in a lively way, which left all participants inspired with very useful ideas that can be used straight away.

Tricia skilfully adapted the session to be relevant to us." 


Susi Sahmland,

Lecturer in Education (MFL) 

Goldsmiths, University of London

How can we support?
Tier 1

Deliver professional development that connects to your school vision and builds on your strengths, based on consultation with leadership and staff

Tier 2  

Above, plus on-going training and coaching for staff and/or leadership; training for parents

Tier 3

Above, plus customised curriculum and resources to teach mindsets and the brain through content; advanced training and coaching for staff; more direct work with students and/or parents

Group of schools Create a bespoke programme whereby schools share essential training and resources to create an opportunity to share good practice and reduce costs.

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