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Working with Tricia and TailoredPractice has provided easy access to up-to-date research which has formed the basis of our work at Dunraven School over the past several years. Students at our school more readily embrace challenge. Most recently, we have used this to work on two projects aiming to improve children’s outcomes across the curriculum with a focus on vocabulary. There is a real sense of purposeful learning when Tricia works with our students.  She has a real passion to implement current research findings into the curriculum and enable greater success for our students in the future.

“I loved the positive delivery and passion. I came away really feeling that I’d learnt something and that I can use it in the classroom. It made me reflect on my teaching and it has inspired me to embrace the ideas.”

Good suggested phrases to use, focusing things that we already do into a more streamlined and direct train of thought with a more all encompassing feel; excellent. Thank you!

It’s been a really long term and I am exhausted, I was not sure anything would go in today but I was actually engaged throughout and actually feel quite energised.

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"Engaging presentation; articulate and personal presenter."


TailoredPractice has become part of our school’s DNA, contributing to our ongoing success, which includes securing, each year, the best progress and outcomes at GCSE of all Bromley’s non-selective schools. Tricia has worked with parents, students, whole staff, departments and leadership to embed the Mastery Mindset and enable our school community to develop its resilience. More recently, her work has focused on developing strategies for to improve memory. Tricia has helped us keep abreast of ongoing developments in understanding of cognition, memory and learning.

All Tricia’s audiences – including students and parents – comment on the skills with which she presents and facilitates. Her delivery is engaging and entertaining. Her enthusiasm really is infectious, and teachers, parents and students have been inspired to change their practice and raise their aspirations. Tricia is a skilled coach whose input has helped teachers, middle and senior leaders improve their practice. She has enabled them to capture their own strengths and develop capacity.

Head Teacher, Langley Park School for Girls

The morning (with TailoredPractice) was the best CPD as head I have attended in sometime. It reminded me why I wanted to teach in the first place, which was to help children become lifelong learners.  

Headteacher, Marsden Infant and Nursery School

I went to see Carol Dweck . . . . This was also an excellent day and gave me a fascinating insight into how growth mindsets works in all walks of life. However it didn’t give me the practical steps needed to apply these skills in school. Your course did just that! I came away buzzing and have already written by timeline for implementation in my school.

Head of Phase, Almondbury Community School

The session was delivered in a lively way, which left all participants inspired with very useful ideas that can be used straight away. Tricia skilfully adapted the session to be relevant to us.

Programme Leader of SCITT, Goldsmiths

TailoredPractice has fully integrated evidence-based teaching into our primary school. Every adult in the school can talk about the brain and every adult is trained, so the students know we all value persistence, hard work and challenge.

Assistant Principal, Dunraven Primary School

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"Great trainer, great approach, feel so happy this is being used at my child's school."


“Great session and will really make me think about how I verbally reward our child.”

“This workshop was really good and we need more.”

“Found this workshop very useful. It has given me confidence to put what I've learned into practice.”

“We don’t do this enough.”


“Really enjoyed the session.”


“Very, very good—food for thought and some strategies to try immediately.”










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